BigHospitality's top stories of 2012

Top 10 most-read BigHospitality stories of 2012

That was the year that hospitality: BigHospitality presents the top 10 most-read stories of 2012 in this special photo gallery

What were this year's hot topics in hospitality? Find out what made the BigHospitality top 10 most-read stories of 2012 in this photo gallery.

Our articles about Channel 4 show Hotel GB attracted huge interest

BigHospitality's 2012 look-back: Ping-pong and Hotel GB

Restaurants taking their inspiration from Asia made a greater impact on the UK's dining scene in 2012 with less well-known cuisines in particular making a bigger impression

BigHospitality's 2012 look-back: The rise of Asian dining and the Michelin Guide 2013

Prezzo and Pizza Hut made the first big steps in the industry this year to improving options for customers who are unable to tolerate gluten

BigHospitality's 2012 look-back: Catering for diners with special dietary needs and the London 2012 Olympics

BigHospitality hit a raw nerve when we reported on the problem of no-shows in restaurants earlier this year

BigHospitality's 2012 look-back: Restaurant no-shows and MWB Group Holdings administration

News articles about chicken restaurants were hot with BigHospitality readers this year

BigHospitality’s 2012 look-back: Chicken restaurants and pub food

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