Finding finance in hospitality

Finding finance in hospitality: New alternatives

Businesses are looking to alternative finance options to fund their growth aspirations and the UK market is changing to meet this need

So, you’ve been turned away from the bank, run out of deep-pocketed friends and family and aren’t keen on giving away an equity stake in your company. Is all hope of securing finance to develop or expand your business lost? No. There are still plenty of other options to explore, and some of them might actually be more beneficial than the aforementioned alternatives. 

Sealing the deal: Private equity funding remains a great way to finance your hospitality business if you are looking to expand

Finding finance in hospitality: Private equity

Breaking the banks: The bank manager that was once your best friend is now much more reluctant to deploy capital

Finding finance in hospitality: The banks

Casa Ruiz in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, was founded on just £6k by the Yufera-Ruiz's

Finding finance in hospitality: Using your own funds

Where should you start when it comes to looking for finance to start or grow your hospitality business?

Finding finance in hospitality: Where to start

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