Mode Aparthotel by Bridgestreet coming to UK in 2017

Paul Rands and a mock-up of what the first Mode Aparthotel by Bridgestreet will look like.

Mode Aparthotel by Bridgestreet is set to launch in the UK in 2017 having started operations to open the concept across Europe.

Europe’s first Mode Aparthotel will open in Paris in Q3 2016 and will be followed by openings across the UK in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham, Oxford and Cambridge over the following three to four years.

“We’ve come to this concept based on our long experience of looking after long-stay corporate guests, and our approach, in a way, is different to some other aparthotel concepts out there at the moment. Rather than them trying to add something to a hotel room, what we’ve looked at what the traveler needs and how we can advance that product for them,” Paul Rands, Bridgestreet’s VP of development, told BigHospitality.

“We need to give an experience where somebody can long-stay with us and then add the extra elements into that like the social space where people can interact and use the space to do work.”

On what makes Mode different to its competitors, Rands  hopes that adding local influences will make the brand stand out from the pack.

“Where we differ from the more rigid hotel brands is that, while there is a brand theme around Mode, we will certainly reflect the location and country and city that it’s based in. That sort of local experience is very important for us. We want to give the comfort of the larger living space that you’d find in an apartment, but also offer the experience and value of a hotel,” he said.

Guest feedback is vital for the operation as Bridgestreet will refer to it when it looks at plans to evolve the guest experience. The ‘new tribe’ refers to a new breed of traveler, one who needs more than just a room and free Wi-Fi.

“We talk about the new tribe and what we are looking to do is evolve – we listen to the guest’s feedback and are constantly looking at how to enhance and improve the guest experience. We’ll look to advance the brand to have those enhancements that meet their needs,” said Rand.

As far as food and beverage is concerned, Bridgestreet will aim to find third party operators that suit the Mode image.

Rand said: “We acknowledge that there are others out there that do food and beverage well, but where we can and where our building permits it there is the opportunity for that operator to trade to a commercial pitch. We’d be looking for a third party operator to provide a deli, bar, café type location that can be linked into our reception or as part of the building.”

The first Mode Aparthotel by Bridgestreet is set to open in London next year.

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