The Deepio Grease Busters Tackle the UK's Greasiest Hot Spots

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It’s official, 73% of us confess to eating fried food once or twice a week with three quarters of people saying that the emotion they most associate with eating fried food is happiness or satisfaction – we are a nation of fried food fanatics!* To help UK restaurateurs keep up with consumer demand for greasy treats from the menu without leaving a trail of destruction in the kitchen, Deepio, the powerful de-greasing product from P&G Professional, launched a brand new campaign which saw Deepio’s team of ‘Grease Busters’ take to the streets of the UK on a mission to bust grease!

Deepio’s Grease Busters, dressed in white overalls and backpacks, were let loose on the streets of London, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Leicester, Blackpool and Birmingham meeting over four thousand restaurateurs and independent food operators handing out free samples of Deepio for use on grease and grime on their premises. The Deepio Grease Busters also showcased the highly anticipated new Deepio Spray, a convenient, no-rinse version of the popular Deepio powder solution for hospitality professionals to use on everything from kitchen floors to cooker hoods.

Already established as the UK’s number one powder degreaser for professional kitchens,** Deepio effortlessly cuts through grease on floors, work surfaces, walls, kitchen equipment, cookers, hoods, fryers and even pots and pans.

Watch our video to see the Grease Busters kick into action.

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