Adam Bennett: 'We can make a dent in the Bocuse d'Or'

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Speaking to BigHospitality at The Restaurant Show, Adam Bennett, who is representing the UK in the Bocuse d'Or 2015 and recently won his first Michelin Star as chef director of The Cross, spoke about how he prepares for high-profile competition, and British cuisine's status on the world food scene.

About his Michelin star, Bennett said: "We really weren’t expecting it this year – first year in, brand new team, but they really worked their socks off so it’s great to see them get the reward. I think it’s the old-fashioned things of hard work, attention to detail and passion."

He then spoke about his participation in the Bocuse d'Or, and how that helped his career.

"The Bocuse d’Or helps with profile. It’s a massive challenge especially if you want to achieve something in your kitchen and in the Bocuse d’Or because it pulls you in two directions in a very big way. Another challenge was competing in the European leg of the Bocuse d’Or while still settling down at The Cross, so it’s no mean feat for the lads to do that, and they’ve given me great back-up, but it’s definitely a challenge," he said.

With the January final fast approaching, Bennett explained he felt a bit behind in terms of preparation. "It's partly because The Cross is doing so well. We’ve got no complaints about that but it means I’m a little slow at getting ideas together. I’m hoping to get onto it this month. Once we’ve got ideas and we’ve started practising we usually get more confident as the date gets closer."

However, he pointed out that even with the best practice, it is easy to mess up at the competition, "with that little pinch of salt or that little slip".

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